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Newport Valet Stand, a modern design with Z shaped uprights.  The combination of the light walnut and natural color on the valet give it a contemporary looks.  This valet is easy to match most of the color themes at homes and offices.  A compartment with black felt covered with a detatchable tray give this unit ample space to store your cellular phone, charger, keys, wallet ...etc.  A wide shoulder hanger at the top and a non slip trousers bar at the front for suit, coat, jacket, and shirt as well as trousers, belt, and tie.  The base of the valet can also be used as a shoe rack for shoes and boots.  Newport Valet is one of your collective decor and a practical furniture for you! 


  • 【Product Dimensions】18"W x 16" D x 46"H,  Weight: 10 lbs
  • 【Curved Wide Shoulder Hanger】A wooden hanger on the top for coats, suits, jackets and shirts.
  • 【Two Rectangular Felt Trays】The two light walnut trays help store and organize many personal belongings: wallet, watch, keys, cell phone, and other small items.
  • 【Trouser Bar】The front trouser bar with non slip rubber sleeve to holds the pants and clothes without slipping off. 
  • 【Shoe Rack Base】The base of the Valet is also a shoe rack for your convenience.

Newport Valet Stand VL17034 - Light Walnut

SKU: VL17034
  • Color: Walnut
    Dimensions: 18"W x 16" D x 46"H
    Weight: 10 lbs.

    Minimal assembly is required.

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